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“True Universal Love -OneLove, Mind-body balance, joyful dance and conscious movement are the long-time keys of my life together with a deep connection to Nature and my passion for Ibiza & Hawaii.

I love being able to share my skills with other lovely beings so that they can let go their minds (at least for a while) and connect deeply with their bodies & souls finding within them the Love that they would like to experience in the external world “


Shankara's bio:

A highly active woman and Nature lover, Shankara is the Co-director of the NGO ChildsRights (Derecho de los niños desvaforecidos de India: www.childsrights.info), an international ngo established in Spain which focuses on offering a worthy future to children living in the streets of India. She is also the founder of Fundación Danza India (www.fundaciondanzaindia.com), which aims to provide a sustainable future to Indian kids by educating them professionally as dancers & teachers of Indian dance.

Since she was a child, Shankara has always been in interested in holistic disciplines, healthy life and dance. Therefore she trained professionally in Yoga, Pilates, Yogalates, Body Balance (Tai-Chi, Yoga & Pilates mixed discipline), Holistic Massage and Stand-Up Paddle Surf. Also, she completed several courses in Acroyoga, Hatha, Asthanga Yoga & Dynamic Yoga, Thai Massage, Body Expression, Relaxation, Visualization techniques...etc. She provides different modalities of Pilates & Yoga fusing the best of all these disciplines, including SUP Yoga/Pilates (Yoga/Pilates on the Stand-Up Paddle Surf board).

Additionally Shankara is an Ecstatic dance DJ and has trained as a Trance Dance and Chakra Dance facilitator in Hawaii and San Francisco (USA). She runs conscious dance sessions fusing energy, body, soul work & movement with a unique selection of live vibrational music and electronic beats of well-known Ibiza-based artists & internationally recognized djs. For more information please visit www.ecstasychakradance.com

In addition, following her passion for music & dance,together with her attraction for Indian culture, she travelled around India completing there her training as Bhangra dance teacher and dancer with internationally recognized masters in India, USA & Spain. She is Shankara is the World Bhangra Council Director from Spain and also a member of Chandigarh United Dance Club (Punjab,India) and founder of the Indian fusion Sound System & dance troupé "Nataraja Grooves" based in Ibiza. She has also completed several courses in Bollywood dance.
Bhangra, which literally means "filled with joy" is a traditional dance of North India, original from the Punjab region. It is extremely stimulating, increases joy, vitality, elevates the soul and strengthens the Aura. During the years it has also been mixed with other music styles, Shankara is specialized in the “Bhangra-Reggae” style which fuses Bhangra music with other positive Jamaican-style rythms, Reggae & Dub. Please visit www.danzabhangra.com for full information about this joyful dance, videos & pictures.
Together with Bhangra & Bollywood dance, Shankara does also Polynesian dance & Hawaiian dance (Hula) and is the Co-founder of the dance troupé Aloha Shakti.

Shankara loves sharing the joy of Bhangra and her passion for this music & dance so she travels worldwide Djing, facilitation Ecstasy Chakra Dance sessions, teaching & performing Indian dance (Bhangra & Modern Bollywood) at festivals, retreats and special events. During the last years she has performed and taught several Bhangra and Modern Bollywood dance workshops in Hawaii, New York, Costa Rica, Madrid, Valencia and Ibiza.

To get in touch with Shankara please send an email to: info@ecstasychakradance.com


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